Framed Film Camp with the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival:

“Our FRAMED film education series went to Holy Heart of Mary High School in St. John’s to create a short film with Theatre Arts students. Performing Hearts is a documentary about Holy Heart’s Performing Arts Certificate Program, the bonds formed therein, and its unique position as an incubator for emerging talent, fostering the next generation of storytellers, artists and performers.”



The Theatre Arts Program at Holy Heart has a long and storied tradition. Many students and teachers have been a part of the culture of the Arts at Heart. We have had many alumni move on to work as professionals in the arts, and others found their confidence in front of a group on our stage.

The Holy Heart Drama Performing Arts Certificate is a curricular-based program designed for students who love the performing arts! It is also designed to expand the skills and experience of students who intend to pursue the performing arts as a career (see advanced levels). Students have access to workshops and activities available only at Holy Heart. Students work with theatre professionals including actors, choreographers, directors, make-up artists, costume artists, sound and lighting technicians, and many more! Registration is free.